Sally Potter

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Sally Potter is an English film director and screenwriter. She is best known for directing "Orlando" (1992), which won the audience prize for Best Film at the Venice Film Festival. She has also directed the films " The Tango Lesson " (1997), , " The Man Who Cried " (2000), " Yes " (2004), " Rage " (2009), " Ginger & Rosa " (2012), " The Party " (2017), " The Roads Not taken " (2020) . Sally Potter's new film "Orlando, Now " is a re-framing both of Virginia Woolf’s 1928 novel Orlando, and of Potter’s film of the same name. Through song and dance, the new film will explore Orlando’s 400 year journey, with questions of class, race, sex, Britain’s imperialist history and what it means to be British now. In a departure from the original novel and film, a Black narrator and chorus will operate as a guide for the audience, bringing to light stories that were not told in the book and its adaptation.
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