Christie Watson

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Christie Watson, photographed in a studio in London. Christie Watson's latest book is called "Quilt on Fire: The Messy Magic of Midlife" Her recent book "The Courage to Care: Nurses, Families and Hope" chronicled the couyrage of nurses on the frontline of hospital care. Christie Watson is a writer and Professor of Medical and Health Humanities. Her first book, Tiny Sunbirds Far Away, won the Costa First Novel Award and along with her second novel, Where Women Are Kings, was widely translated and achieved international critical acclaim. The Language of Kindness, published in 2018, was a number one Sunday Times bestseller and Book of the Year in the Evening Standard, Guardian, i, New Statesman, The Sunday Times and The Times. It has been translated into 23 languages and adapted for theatre. In 2020 during the first peak of the pandemic, Christie returned to clinical nursing, as well as publishing The Courage to Care, a vital and timely book about the bravery of patients and families and the critical work that nurses perform in our hospitals and beyond. She is Patron of the Royal College of Nursing Foundation.
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