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Chinx (OS) the Drill Artist and rapper photographed at Regent's Park estate in St. John's Wood. Chinx (OS) was photographed after the oversight board at Meta, the owner of Instagram, overruled a decision by the social media platform, made in January on the request of the London Metropolitan police, to delete one of Chinx’s tracks, Secrets not Safe, from the site. His own Instagram account was also deleted. In a development that hit the headlines, the board found that Scotland Yard’s claim to Instagram that the track could lead to “retaliatory violence” was not founded, adding that basic principles of free speech, equality and transparency had been breached in allowing a police operation to censor a musician in secret.

Chinx (OS), nicknamed after his resemblance to a US drill artist of the same name, had 12 convictions to his name before being arrested for possession of a Walther P38 pistol in 2017. He spent four years in seven prisons, including HMPs Belmarsh and Wormwood Scrubs.

Chinx (OS) performs with his face covered, and maintains anonymity as he seeks to keep his music and family life separate. But he wants, he says, to stay away from the lifestyle he once had on north London’s Regent Park Estate.
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