Amber Medland

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The novelist Amber Medland in her flat in South London. Amber Medland read English Literature and has an MPhil in American Literature from Trinity College, Cambridge. She has an MFA in Fiction from Columbia University in New York. Amber Medland's first book is called "Wild Pets". "Wild Pets" follows Iris, Ezra and Nance in the years after university. They fall in and out of bed with each other, reread "The Art of War", grieve the closing of Fabric, and write book proposals on the history of salt, while submerging their nights in drink and drugs. Confronting adulthood with high wit and low behaviour against contemporary political and social turmoil, these young men and women seem to have everything going for them. So why are they still swimming desperately against the tide? "Wild Pets" is about the fragility of mental health, power imbalances in friendship and sex, and creative ambition fused with destruction and the lingering power of first loves.
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